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Location of jain temples

About Jain Temple


South of the mosque are three Jain Temples, built between 1574 and 1622, the most intricate of which is Raisi Shah’s temple, dedicated to the tirthankar Shantinath, with a sanctum dome decorated with gold inlay work. Its various chambers, elaborate geometric patterns in the marble floors, many with mirrored ceilings, ask for a few hours of time, preferably in the morning. Next is the Vardhman Shah temple, dedicated to the tirthankar Adinath, a more simple structure, but also more vibrant in color. The third temple of the triad is smaller, but also interesting.


Opening hours for the temples are supposed to be from 5:30am-1pm and 3:30pm-9pm. These timings vary, but you can usually find a caretaker to let you in anyway.

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