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Location of somnath beach

About Somnath Beach

 The Somnath beach is located about 5kms away from the Veravel and is one of the most beautiful beaches of Gujarat. This beach is named after the Somnath temple which is popularly devoted to Lord Shiva. The beach is found behind the Somnath temple. The beach is having blue water, white sand, sunny shore and palm trees that gives spectacular view to the sea. Somnath beach is the most admired beach of tourists. Here the tourists can enjoy the stupendous, cool surrounding, camel rides, and the spray of waves as you wade along the shoreline. Somnath beach plays a great role in Gujarat beach tourism and some of the major tourist attractions


Somnath & Veraval Beach in Gujrat is one of the most favoured beach destinations in India. The Beach of Somnath & Veraval is unshaded but lovely, one can enjoy cool, fresh coconuts, camel rides and splash of the waves as one walk along the shore.

The most catching sight of Veraval is the fishing port, where thousands of trawters, courtry crafts and dhows can be seen unloading their catch. The Veraval beach Gujarat is an ideal place to lay your back, with benches and a jogging path. It is also a popular place for strolls and swimming in the morning.

Location : Somnath & Veraval Beach is located 75 kms from Junagath, Gujrat.

Touring Seasons : July to March is the best season for visit this place.





Airlines : Nearest Airport is Keshod is about 47 kms


Rail Lines : Convenient overnight trains are available to & from Somanth & Veraval. Veraval receives trains from Ahmedabad.


Bus lines : Somnath & Veraval is located about 412 kms away from Ahmedabad, capital city of Gujrat. One can easily reach the beach from here by just picking a bus or hiring a private vehicle.

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