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About Sun Temple


Suraj Mandir or the Sun Temple dates back to the same time as the Somnath Temple. Though its history is obscure we know for certain that it was raided by Mahmud of Gazni during the same time as he raided Somnath. His raids were legendary. He followed a pattern of raiding these temples and taking the riches back to his homeland. This temple is located North of the sangam (where three rivers meet). The architecture features many animal figurines like lions, and huge elephant trunks. People in those times were nature worshippers and use to believe blindly the forces of nature. Suraj Mandir was set up as a reverence to the sun god. Somnath is well accessible from Junagad and Veraval. Somnath – this temple town has a long and chequered History. Even though it is referred to by several other names, names it acquired in the various phases of History, the name Somnath is unrivalled as far as popularity is concerned. And understandably so because this small town would have faded to oblivion but for the presence of the magnificent Somnath Temple from which it receives its best known name. Deo Pattan, Prabhas Pattan, Pattan Somnath (some of the other names of this sea side town in Gujarat, India) would have all been erased from public memory. But instead of that this place has made a distinctive place for itself primarily because of this brilliant structure.

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